Saturday, August 31, 2013


Who knew there were people spending their time and money collecting old pencils?  When I think of all the aged pencils I've thrown in the trash!  While I love a good pen (black uni-ball, nothing fancy),  I am a fancier of a proper pencil.  Not exactly a proper pencil, usually a certain mechanical pencil.  Someday, when Princess is going through all my worldly possessions, she will remember her mother kindly and my penchant for purchasing a pack of pencils anytime I even thought about a needed office supply.   

I have never bought anything on E-Bay but I have spent hours looking at things.  A friend of mine started collecting all of her childhood games.  It was like Christmas all over again being able to touch these long lost friends. Maybe for Christmas, I could ask for old pencils.

I was sitting here thinking of my favorite school supplies and decided to do a google search on my very favorite item, my Coloray Colored Pencils.  Somewhere, in one of my few boxes marked "Amy Childhood," I can see a leftover one, definitely  a blue.  Right now, I have no clue where that lone ranger is or I would take a picture to prove its existence. 
Big Hair in Texas

I don't know if it was the most expensive set of colored pencils but I know it wasn't the cheapest.  My pencils came inside of a long, clear, plastic pouch with a plastic tab top that folded down and was held in place by a white plastic, vertical strip.  Inside, I think the rainbow of colors were held in place by a lightweight cardboard tray.  I can see the colors in my head - green, light green, blue, light sky blue, red, pink, peach, brown, black, orange, purple and white.  I always kept mine in the proper sequence. 

In my early years, I loved to draw and for my age, was fairly decent.  When I was in school, we had an art class every day and a music class.  My art class was one of my favorites.  I do remember that my teacher's sister-in-law was Joan Blondell.  At the time, I didn't know much about her except she was an actress.  I still enjoy watching a Joan Blondell movie on occasion.  Afterall, this was Texas and there are a lot of famous folks from Texas.  Somewhere in that same box of childhood memorabilia is a signed photograph from Miss World.  She lived in our neighborhood.  Three of us girls walked over and rang her doorbell one afternoon.  She was pretty and very nice to us.  See, we had fame living right in our neck of the woods.  I don't think Mr. Trump was a factor in the pageant at this time.

I loved my pencils because they worked well.  My style was outline and color in.  The pencil had great control for outlining and was easy to maneuver for different methods of shading or pure coloring.  Okay, I was only in grade school.  But that modern little plastic contraption full of color(one of my favorite things in the world, color) gave me a special feeling, an imagined boost of confidence.

Today I need to go buy school supplies.  I may put it off until tomorrow.  Going to Martz anytime near the beginning of school is my least favorite thing to do.  Or on a Thursday night or Saturday afternoon.  My mother lives maybe a mile away and she just jumps in the car and makes a visit for a couple of items.  My location is not so convenient.

But I will make a list and head out this weekend.  I don't have a school supply aged child anymore.  For the second year in a row, my Sunday School class is collecting supplies for a non-profit organization.  Two ladies saw a need to feed the children in their neighborhood.  Their hard work and organizational skills have created a viable, much-needed oasis for the children living in this sea of poverty and hunger.  The positive results have also brought nationwide attention to this impoverished area of our nation.

My lovely crayon drawing is included just because I knew where it was.  I have no idea about what I was thinking at the time, maybe a Queen and Princesses? 

Soon I will be off to shop.  I will buy the standard stuff but I will keep my eyes and my ears open for that special thing the kiddos are looking for.  I know that somewhere out there, a little child has yet to discover the wonder of a new box of Crayons or the magic of a mechanical pencil and what can happen when the two meet up with fresh white paper.


a woman standing in line (of course, despite 29 checkout lanes) with a neat box of pencils  

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