Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's 2:00 a.m. and the moon is calling my name.  The Blue Moon to be specific.  I know the time because I checked my clock.  The bright moonlight is bouncing off the playhouse and reflecting into the bedroom.  Some months it doesn't bother me.  But this is a blue moon.  Even Google is in on this phenomenon with a delightful video of the moon and a blue scene set to the music of Clair de Lune.  I am partial to this beautiful piano music because it was played during a prelude before our wedding.  Two gifted musicians, one on the organ and the other on the piano, provided the wedding concert.  Even waiting in the wings, I could occasionally hear the music.  I digress.

Randomonium is a word I made up a few years ago and wrote down on a piece of paper.  I don't know if I heard it somewhere or whatever.  That piece of paper has been floating around with my other pieces of paper.  But it is a perfect description of my not always organized life.  To catch a thought was another idea.  Both have the same definition.  "Whatever comes to my mind in no particular order."

Thinking about the blue moon made me think of my blue moon hanging in one of the kitchen windows.  A blue moon can occur if enough ash is in the sky, according to NASA.  It can also be a seasonal lunar occurrence.    I got my blue moon years ago, on a day trip to my favorite little artsy town with my oldest best friend.  We were twelve when we met.  I have lost count of the number of addresses between us as we have made an effort to stay in contact, before the ease of email and cell phones.  I know that makes me sound old but for most of us, it is very easy to remember a world before these wonderful inventions.

My blue moon is a piece of smoky blue glass in the shape of a crescent with the word "Once" sitting on the curve of the crescent.  The artist had been inspired by the recent Mount St. Helen's volcanic explosion.  "Once upon a blue moon" describes something that rarely happens.  K. and I felt like that described our friendship and she gave me the moon.  It has been hanging in my house ever since. 

Then I thought about my bedside clock.  I purchased it at Walmart when I was a pattern tester for a publisher of craft books.  Basically, I was paid to sit around in my p.j.'s and cross-stitch a design.  I had to keep an accurate record and this little clock has been by my side ever since.  It has a nice little tick tock.  This was a great job for a stay-at-home mom.  I did this for about ten years, sometimes 40 hours a week, even while working other part-time jobs.  Great fun!  But then the jobs were sent overseas.  I practically live on this company's patio as compared to overseas.

And that made me think of It's Friday It Must Be 2's Day.  Something lighter for Fridays.  A pairing of some of my favorite things, maybe even with pictures.  All photos on this blog are taken by me unless noted. 

Randomonium also stands for my different array of writing.  I love poetry and have been writing poetry maybe longer than I have been writing.  A close tie.  A couple of years ago, I began to pursue that part of my writing in earnest, by submitting work for contests and attending poetry conferences.  This next week I have two deadlines for submissions.  And being the random person that I am, of course, I have not completed the task!

So for the next few days, I will be busy looking at work to submit.  I did place in a contest a couple of years ago, so I like to say I'm an award-winning poet. (Ha)  I write free-verse but I have been trying to teach myself other forms.

There is a big difference between "postmarked by" and "delivered by" which I discovered once when entering one of my first contests.  This could have been the day I discovered my own personal random pandemonium.  Thankgoodness for Fed Ex.  And that was my winning contest.  Now I study the directions, intensely.

Nothing like the present.  I am a citizen of the great country, procrasti - nation.  A group of talented folks who believe in putting things off to the last minute.

I will use all my personal discipline to get this task completed so that I may return to the joy of sitting down and writing my heart out, randomly, of course.

** Dust and cobwebs can be seen in the photos.   

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