Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Rainy days and Tuesdays.  What a combo.  A person could just take a nap or watch a few Downton Abbey episodes of Season 2.  And eat popcorn like I'm at a movie.  A few million years ago when Dallas was THE rage, microwave popcorn was the new thing.  Every Friday night, Pam and I would watch the show, eat microwave popcorn and drink Tab or Diet Pepsi.  Everything stopped when it was time for Dallas.  You couldn't watch it on your phone five days later at your convenience.  

Now Downton Abbey has my attention, although I'm late to the party.  The new season begins January 5, 2014.  I think I have enough time to catch up.  It's like eating a potato chip while reading a good book.  I can't watch just one and I can't put it down.  D.M. and I watched the very first two episodes when we visited Princess and Finn over the Easter holiday. 
I thought we (husband and me) were going to make it "our" show.  Roadshow, The Middle, Doc Martin and Undercover Boss are the only shows we watch together and not always with regularity.  He sleeps during Roadshow.  Basketball preempts The Middle way too much.  Doc Martin is a new find and that just ended.  He is amazed by Undercover Boss and the generosity of its main characters.  And then last night, I found out he was watching a PBS wrap-up on Downton Abbey's last three seasons.  I was crushed, a little bit.  He said I wouldn't have liked it because there were no spoiler alerts.  This comment from a person who reads the ending of a book first.

 A couple of weeks ago while doing a Flea Market day, I found a first edition John Grisham, The Painted House.   We had not read it so I picked it up.  I let him read it first which is sometimes a good idea.  I am very picky about my new magazines and books.  I do not like anyone else to even touch them before me.  At some point in our new life together, I discovered he was reading my books on the sneak while I was reading them!  He is sly. 

 When I finally began The Painted House, he wanted so badly to tell me something about it.  After I was into the book , I found that one thing.  I forgot to mention that he didn't start this book at the beginning.  He liked it so much he had to backtrack and spent a very late evening in reverse.  Life is just easier when you start at the beginning.

 All my boys are in the dog house today.  The four-legged variety sent me tripping down the stairs and onto the garage floor (I’m okay) and the one that talks just talked himself out of all those pleasant evenings sitting next to me, catching up to Season 4.  I think I’ll go make some homemade popcorn, pour my beverage of choice and get started on Season 2.  Afterall, over 85,000,000 searches on Google can’t be wrong.

a woman eating popcorn in bed watching Downton Abbey

Recipe for popcorn (I don’t buy microwave.)

      2 tablespoons of vegetable oil/  1/3 c. popcorn kernels

Pour oil in pot.  Add 4 kernels. Turn between medium and high, more towards medium.  Never leave oil unattended.  When 4 kernels pop, oil is hot.  Add rest of corn.  Shake pot, using potholders.   Pop, pop, pop.  Do leave lid a little bit open so steam can escape and not toughen popcorn.  I’ve tried generic and brand.  My favorite is Orville.  Shake again.  Remove from heat.  Turn off stove.  Pour popcorn into large bowl.  Melt some butter in the pan and pour over.

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