Thursday, September 5, 2013


I love color.  The shirt I'm wearing right now is varied stripes of blue, white, yellow, red and turquoise.  I even have snappy turquoise capris but they needed ironing and I have a meeting at the house.  I chose to clean and pick up the house instead.  Because of this, I am going to lose my Southern Belle Fashion Queen crown, made entirely of dried purple hull peas spray painted silver and rolled in glitter.  I think I have permanently lost my Southern Belle Spotless Cleaning Crown, at least for this year or until the bathrooms are finished renovating themselves.

It has just been one of those weeks when by golly, I am going to wear the white pants I carefully ironed the last week in August.  There is still some doubt as to whether I will actually leave the house and run errands after my scheduled meeting here at the house.  Though it is painful to admit, my transitional wardrobe is in almost non-existent tatters.  If you feel a slight jar around three it will mean that I, Miss Never Wear White After Labor Day Die Hard, has left the house in nicely ironed white slacks.

Every year at this time, I say "next year I'm going to work on my transitional wardrobe."  Here I am again, this year and this time and in desperate quandary over what to wear.  There are some family members who say I worry too much about what to wear but I don't think so.  That is just me and I'm fine with the shallow end of my shallowness.  Retail fashion is in my blood and proper Southern fashion etiquette is the air I breathe. 

For thirty plus years, some people have been questioning my "no white shoes" after Labor Day upbringing.  Please.  Bury me shoeless if I'm so old all of my shoes are worn out except for my white sandals, but don't bury me in white shoes if its after Labor Day even if I have to walk the streets of gold barefooted. And the same goes for binding unmentionables, beige, white or black.  I plan to be perfect in heaven. 

This is the season (although it is still summer until September 22) for khaki, black, crème, darker red, dark green, deep purple, teal, indigo, burnt orange, olive, rust, gold, charcoal and anything else that is darker.  In the area I live in, I wear my darker linen pieces into October as long as the weather holds out. 

Gone are the weather patterns when one could rush out in new penny loafers and a corduroy skirt on October 1.   The first few years we (some people) were married, I noticed a significant weather system would usually come in around our one month anniversary.  Almost like clockwork.  We may have had a mild summer but we haven't even started October.  Anyone who's lived around these parts knows that is a month for Mother Nature to show her stuff.

Speaking month anniversaries.  Dear sweet Burt started giving me a little token every month on the date of our wedding.  My very first present was a wide cinnabar bangle which I still wear.  Sometimes the gift might be a handful of flowers like those in my bridal bouquet or chocolate.  I just thought I would mention it as a nice idea.  I think I will blow his mind when it comes around in a couple of weeks and say "Happy 373 Anniversary!"  I will make sure he is sitting down or not driving a vehicle.  He's not so bad, even if he is questioning the fashion police as some people do.

This was going to be a lovely blog about blue.  But I'm still learning these ropes and the picture stuff was driving me crazy.  Some days it is good to relish the randomonium!

  a lady looking for her Southern Belle Spotless Cleaning Crown                                                                                                 


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  1. You know, the whole "don't wear white after Labor Day" thing is much more prevalent in the South. I remember scratching my head at that when I started college. It might have been YOU who told me about it. And I am sorry to say that my "transitional" wardrobe consists of putting on a sweater over my shirt. Oh, it was 49F this morning so that did mean that I put on wool socks with my capris.

    A REALLY good look.