Thursday, October 24, 2013


While I make the last revisions to my Halloween post, I wanted to share my on-going love affair with color and the pictures I have taken along the road. 

Blueberries and lobsters. Blue and red.  Two of my favorite colors.  How convenient that two of my favorite colors match with two of my favorite foods.  Today has been declared Blue and Red Day.  I can eat dinner in the blue dining room and repose in the red study.  We won't even mention the Egyptian Green room just around the corner.  Green will have its day, guaranteed.  For now, just a glimpse into my blue and red snaps and the two combined.

Just a few Maine blueberries

Fresh twin tails steamed in salt water

A view across the harbor

Deep bushes along the beachfront

Blue with a touch of red, French Quarter

The Natchez Steamboat, New Orleans, Mississippi River

Fetching blue January sky

Red heart potato

Blue pointers direct the way

Vegas blue and red glass ceiling

Woo Pig

 View while eating pancakes, Ebbtide, Boothbay, Maine

Cool blue Atlanta day

Jackpot, Las Vegas Sign Parking Lot

Red in blue, at home

Inviting red doors, French Quarter

A classic blue

Red roof in the Maine sunset

Hard to beat this patriotic combo

This beats it all!


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