Thursday, December 19, 2013


I know Thanksgiving was dizzying enough without the added stress of worrying about the missing cornbread dressing photos in my post,   Especially when you were trying to get your mixture to sizzle at the two critical steps for awesomely perfect cornbread.  I guess there were no cornbread failures because I haven't heard otherwise. 

Just the other day, from out of the wonder of my computer world, I discovered the pictures of the finished chicken and dressing which created quite a bit of excitement in my little office environment.  While not of great importance at this time of the year, except that dressing knows no season in my way of thinking, I was happy to find I had not created a big glitch. 

Perfect cornbread dressing is possible and I now have the pictures to prove it!

Dry cornbread and sautéed veggies ready to mix

Everything well crumbled and stock added but not enough

More broth added, perfect consistency - a good hand

Cooked shredded chicken has been added to raw dressing and ready to bake

Hot from the oven, baked to perfection

Plated for your eating enjoyment
OceanSpray canned cranberry used for convenience


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