Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A place to call home
Just a quick note of thanks.  Today my blog, RANDOMONIUM, hit 4000!  That is 4000 more than the years I didn't have a blog.  And this is not me, going back and re-reading and re-reading, paying others to re-read and re-read.  Okay.  It is maybe not huge numbers by a huge blog.  Just a start actually.  But everything has to start somewhere.

I have published 71 posts about all kinds of different topics.  I won't go into detail, I'll save that for the anniversary date.  For me, the most important thing is the sitting down and writing part.  The practice of the process, the focus and determination to work my craft, woven in and out of the life I have lived since beginning.  While some of these posts are easy and quick, most spend considerable time bouncing around in my brain.

I'm sure my Mother will roll her eyes when she sees this pic of my office I'm offering up to Blogland.  But this is just a "before" shot.  Spring cleaning has not made it to this room, yet.  But it is in the works.  And I didn't show everything such as the ironing board, the spring wardrobe being unpacked and the papers and various cross-stitch pieces (not stacked under books) piled on the floor.  There is some semblance of order in my mind.  But that's Randomonium.  Random pandomonium.  But just to the casual observer.  I know what I'm doing when it comes the subject.

Doing the work required to post on a blog is time consuming.  The wonderfully surprising part is that someone has taken the time to hit that button.  Over and over, writers talk about the loneliness of the process.  It is not a bad lonely but a creative lonely.  I have loved every "view" recorded.

Consider this a big WOW of amazement and thanks.  I'll save the cake for a later date.

And also, thanks to the person who I suspect pushed the number to 4000 with one view.

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  1. Good for you!! I find the process of writing, however quirkily it turns out in my case, as completely cathartic.