Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Although you are young, Facebook, cell phones, Instagram and Twitter are even younger!  This is my snapshot of your life as if it were recorded on FB and a blog in real time.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY GIRL!  You arrived early but who is complaining?  Your Daddy fashioned this pic into a tie tac and wore it to work for a few days.  As your birth announcement read "Nothing this great has ever happened to us!"

THERE SHE GOES!  We call her Baby Bird because she is just like a little bird in the nest, always going peep, peep, peep waiting for the next bite.  She is a delight!

MY FIRST MOTHER'S DAY!  I absolutely love being your mother.  I can't believe you are almost a year old (and still not walking!)  But you are already talking.  We have had a wonderful year, all three of us.

CHOCOLATE HEAVEN!  This is her first birthday.  I think she loves chocolate! We had lots of family and more cake the next day.  She loves to wear her party ribbons in her hair!

Can't believe we just celebrated three years!  This was the year we discovered The Wizard of Oz (at least 2x a day).  Glenda The Good Witch made sure you had your very own custom pair of ruby red tennis shoes just in time for your party.  A big wind blew up during your party and we thought "Oh No!"

AND SPACEMAN IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!  And you are wearing what we call a Get-Up as you tell anyone who will listen about the adventures of your life as Spaceman's wife.  Definitely a fashion maven ahead of her time!

Age seven

We have survived our first dance recital.  Pure misery until our little precious hits the stage!  She is 4 1/2 and wants to be "a doctor, a ballet and a dancer."  Last night we were singing Christmas carols and she wanted to know what "joyful, triumphant and faithful" meant and then asked me "What color is God?"

THIS IS PEPPER!  We finally got a dog!  Tonight, you asked your Daddy where our new puppy came from - before we got him at the Humane Society.  He told you it rained cats and dogs one night and that’s where Pepper came from.  “No it didn’t” you said, but not sure.  You ran to me.  “Mama, it didn’t really rain cats and dogs?”  Then you told your Daddy you believed only me because I know everything in the world.  Ha!!

SIXTEEN YEARS FLY BY!  That was fast!  All of the sudden, it's high school and driving.  It just seems like yesterday.......We must be very careful about how we behave when we are in public together.  She makes us tow the line.

???????   She met this boy over the summer at Governor's School.  He is very nice.  They are always laughing and having fun.  They are so young but when she came home and said to me, "Mama, there is this boy...."  We'll just have to wait and see.

OFF TO THE BALL.....She is off to the Debutante Ball, standing next to the pics of me and another Ball a few years ago....Love her red silk chiffon number.  And you know who is her escort!

WPS!!!!!!  Enjoying the game, all four of us!  (But too hot!)

MR. AND MRS.  "Mama there is this boy...."  and they lived happily everafter!

PRINCESS TO PRINCESS    Where does she get this "shoe" thing?  She knows she can't afford one but she can hold one!  Someday......Known to follow the daily fashion trends of Princess Kate !

CHRISTMAS 2013   Bringing the Zeke home to meet the family!



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