Sunday, January 18, 2015


Yet.  Three little letters.  

Yet is certain of nothing.  Nothing good and nothing bad.  It is a hinge on a door in our life.  It is opening or closing.  And sometimes our whole world hinges on the direction of the door.  Or the coming in or going out of a person.  Sometimes the wind blows the door open with spring air or blows the door shut when a storm approaches.

We say to people “the door is always open.”  But really, the door can’t remain open all of the time.  Night falls and very few people go to bed and leave the front door wide open.  Sometimes it may be unlocked but not wide open.  There are reasons we shut the door at night.  To keep the heat in the house.  To keep a monster out of the closet.  To signal to the neighbors this house is down for the night.

We shut the door and turn off the porch light.  And draw the drapes.  No more illumination of what really goes on inside when someone is outside looking in. 
Lights off – go away. 

Yet, Mr. Larry Wilkins in Kuttawa, Kentucky had his porch light on January 3.  He was home with his two dogs when there was a light knock at the door.  He opened it to find a bloodied, shivering little girl.  The dogs welcomed her in and she told Mr. Wilkins about a plane crash.  Her parents were dead and the plane was upside down. 

She saw his porch light and walked barefooted through the woods, wearing clothes suited for Florida and not the cold, wet Kentucky night.  Mr. Wilkins said she was a brave little girl.  He wouldn’t even walk through those woods in the dark.

She is seven years old.  I can only guess that she knows every word of Frozen or was wearing sparkly purple nail polish and a special beaded cornrow obtained at a souvenir shop where tan, young women gain job skills braiding hair, folding t-shirts and scooping up Hermit crabs.
I do know she is amazing.  She survived a plane crash and realized her parents were dead.  In the same situation, most adults would be beyond coping. 

Yet, Sailor had the presence of mind to pick herself up and go for help.  She was not waiting for someone to come to her. 

Yet resides with the negative but, the never finished and.  But yet is a contract of possibility, more is yet to come.

Eighteen days into the new year of  2015.   A year of hopes unseen, yet.