Sunday, January 24, 2016


One snow day is better than none.

You can use popcorn to make nachos if you're out of taco chips.  But...

Some days a fleece sweatshirt and a fleece afghan just aren't enough.

January is a month of bare beauty.

A still house makes lots of noise.

Mr. Man may be back.

A pile of fruit in a lovely glass bowl on the kitchen counter doesn't mean I eat right.

You can "not" eat purple hulls peas for New Year's and live to tell.

The Beatles left from Liverpool.

Homemade spiced tea is one of my favorite things.

A cat might be crazy, really.

A ticking clock is not conducive to a power nap.

In the grade school of the computer world, I'm being held back in 1st grade.

Having to stir my tea with a fork means start the dishwasher.

I'm all about strings - piano, acoustic guitar and cello.

Some people cannot live without Coca Cola or Chocolate or Frozen Pizza. 

January. Cold and bleak.  Only five inches of snow and I'm not complaining.  Can not even imagine folks with over two feet.  My Grandmother used to say "Just like an old horse to die in the winter."  Last year we traveled to Texas for a funeral.  It was bright sunny but bitterly cold with whipping wind.  We couldn't open our eyes.  This January doesn't involve traveling to a funeral but still people we know leaving this world.  We couldn't travel north because of weather.  My grandmother and Daddy both died on January days.  Makes the whole process a little bit harder.  Weather can really stand in the way.  On the most vulnerable day in your life, trying to plan a service for your loved one.  Thinking about the cold.  Or it could be a spring flood or a looming hurricane.  Life doesn't stop when your world does.  It just has the gall to keeping on moving.  January seems an unusually busy month for not going gently.  Here's to tip toeing through the next week.


The Winner of My Favorite Things in 2015 is Deb A.  Her name was randomly chosen from a hat by an able bodied RANDOMONIUM staff member.  She also has a blog "Stop Her She's Knitting!"
Some of her favorite things in 2015 were S'Well Bottles, Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  Brunty Farms Poultry, CSA,  Pistachios,  Mystery Sock Yarn Year,  Pepperplate,  My little back patio,  Kindle,  High School Wrestling,  Cleaning out her house,  My neighbors,  Fried Eggs on toast and Evernote.  

She will be receiving Kiehl's Creme de Corps Body Butter, PaperMate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils and Pure Natural Honey, Bemis Honey Bee Farm.   

Thank you for your participation!!

Start working on your list for 2016 The Best I've Seen! List of Favorite Things



  1. What!!! I won. I never win anything. Of course, on that first week of college I won big when I met my next door dorm neighbor and we have been friends ever since.