Thursday, July 6, 2017


When she was young, I took my niece to a wonderful little movie.  But the dog died at the end of the story.  I wasn't prepared for this.  The lights came on.  We walked out while I'm figuring in my head what to say about a dog dying to a little girl who may not even know about this fact of life. She was still afraid of "baccum" cleaners.  I started to mention the sweet dog.  She stopped me and said "Aunt Amy, dogs die, people die."  It wasn't just the words but the flair of the message.  Left arm out and right arm out, as if she had practiced her response.

This is a blog that celebrates the wonderful dog named Oreo, who was beloved and returned the
same.  He died in December, days before Christmas.  He had a great quality of life for all of his twelve years.

We buried his little box on Monday.  My St. Francis statue stands at his grave.  I didn't cry then but my grief over his loss has remained sharp for these last seven months.  I read a few words and told him I didn't want to go to heaven if he wasn't there.  The Bible says a sparrow will not fall to the ground without the Father knowing.  Maybe a good dog is an angel in disguise.

I am the queen of notebooks and pencils.  I am trying to whittle down my office supply collection.  Being a writer, I have the habit of writing down ideas, stories, quotes, conversations, traveling ensembles and poems on any piece of paper.  Today, I found something special when I wasn't looking.  This little gift was found in a wireless, college ruled, 80 page, high tech micro perf notebook produced by Top Flight, Inc. in Chattanooga, Tennessee.



You must be made for my amusement because you make my heart laugh.
Look at that dog
carrying a skinny branch in his teeth twice his length-
so pleased with himself, 
occasionally a whack against the stairs 
or the post holding up the deck.
You stop for a second
and turn to look where the branch hit the pole.
You see me and grin
as if you had put that pole in the ground
for a whack in the future-
and now
ears perked
and body alert, 
soft black and white
like tassels shimmering with movement 
your hair lifts in the breeze,
you know how long to pause for effect-
just enough to hold your moment and say-
I was made for this day!

May 2004 - December 2016

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